Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Vrai ou Faux?

This memo was posted on Rawstory.com. It was a memo from the congressman from 21st congressional district in Texas, Lamar Smith, to Karl Rove. It was misdirected to the wrong fax and wound up going to a Democratic congressman's office instead.

Part of me wants to believe its authentic, another part of me thinks this is so typical of Rove. Rove is not as smart as everyone thinks, he uses the same tricks over and over again and yet they seem to dazzle everyone every single time. I guess that makes him smart or we're all incredibly stupid. He always frames himself or his party as the victim to paint the "liberals" as sneaky (again my motto of take whatever they say or do and reverse it and you have the truth applies), or if the republicans need a distraction from thier mismanagment something shocking gets leaked, such as this memo. What leads me to think that this might be fake is the final sentence of the fourth paragraphs "(Liberals can easily and accurately be painted as opposing law enforcement.)" Thats too perfect.

So if it is authentic...which it could be. The three priorities when it comes to immigration are:
1. media bias
2. animosity toward the president
3. feelings of the republican base

Wow that outlines the three things that are always taken into consideration whenever the republicans do any kind of plicy making.
Why is Karl Rove have the title of Honorable?

Again the last sentence of the fourth paragraph. This is what they are all about people, PAINTING. They focus on smearing their opposition to the point where no one hears anything about the facts or the real issues.


Blogger Jeff said...

First of all, Adam my Friend. I NEVER EVER said Bush is 100%correct with this war! I understand some of his arguments, yes, but I never said it was the right or wrong thing to do. No one can really know what they would do unless they are in his shoes and knew what he knew. So you just lost the debate. I did say I want this to work out, we are in way to deep. Pulling out would be a disaster and send the wrong message to these terror nuts. Yes that’s my opinion

Second: I never wrote about Saddam having links to Al Qaeda in my post.. did I?? . The whole WMD stuff. The whole world said Saddam had WMD’s every intelligence agency in the world said that. (Saudi, Jordanian, Russian, French, British, CIA....) Intelligence is never 100%, that’s the nature of intelligence. How do you know he did not move them??. We know he had them, Christ, he used them before. You know anyone in the intelligence community?? I do, a few “Big Boys” actually. Please don’t use the whole WMD argument. There is a lot of information the public does not know or understands about Intelligence, that’s all I can say about that.

I am fair, did Bush have good reason to go in. That is really hard to say. I stand by what I said. No one can really know what they would do unless they are in his shoes and knew what he knew. Remember it is a post 9/11 world. There is no question he F’ed up the aftermath.

There is a Huge Difference between questioning the war and “Undermining” it. You really think Cindy Sheehan is Patriotic... the flat out dishonest, hurtful things she says about America, she has gone way to far. Even the Liberals are going against her because she attacked Hillary... Call me a Right winged Nut then, I want nothing to do with those people. The Sheehan crowd gets "excited" every time they hear bad news about the war just to hurt Bush. New York Times ran more than 50 front-page stories on the abuses at Abu Ghraib. Was over 50 necessary?? Remember what happened when Newsweek ran that Flat out Untruthful story about the Koran being dropped in the toilet?? They retracted the story. A riot broke out and more anti-Americanism flamed in the Arab world, I don’t want to use the word censorship, but people need to be responsible and held accountable for there stories. People died because of Newsweeks fake story. No Question, more suicide bombers, used to kill our troops, were recruited with that fake story. Americans died.

I am sticking to by my WW II theme.

3:41 PM  

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