Wednesday, September 21, 2005 For Republicans

  • Republican People Meet

  • I found this website off of Jeff Gannon's blog. I am certain that its a place where all the log cabin republicans meet up in addition to all the sexually repressed repbublcunts who are smart enough to not post a profile on but still need their dose of man love. I cant imagine this site serving the heteros, everyone knows that internet love is for the gays. I am almost tempted to put a profile up. My picture will be of me in my pinkest Polo shirt I have and my Ralph Lauren Chinos with Docksider loafers.

    I just love that a byproduct of this miserably failed administration is a muscled gay escort turned conservative pundit. Could it be any more Freudian?!


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Wow, you sure are an angry liberal. You should go back to whacking off to gay porn....

    1:12 PM  

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