Thursday, October 27, 2005

Uninformed Information

Metroblogging Dallas: What's the deal with Prop 2?

I rarely make two posts in one night but I cannot resist this one. This blogger is so misinformed on this issue that it enraged me greatly that he wrote such a horrid post. Eventhough he prefaced his post with a disclaimer stating that "I’m a pretty disappointing “gay friend” to have when it comes to upholding any sort of gay stereotype, much less being informed on anything that is happening in the “gay news,” but I figured I’d go ahead and check into this one for once, since it is taking place in my own backyard." I think he should have done more homework before making this post.

I had to respond to him with this.

This issue with Prop 2 is not simply defining marriage in the eyes of the law. The real issue behind this proposed amendment is discrimination. Putting it in such reductionist terms would be like saying that the integration of blacks and whites was about everyone being able to drink from the same water fountain. If Prop 2 passes then it will be WRITTEN in the state constitution that same sex marriages are not permitted. This is de facto discrimination, not any different from the Jim Crow laws of years ago.

You also need to know that this measure could put at stake the domestic partner benefits offered by the cities of Dallas and Austin. It could also undermine arrangements that many same sex couples have made for power of attorney. The state already has laws saying that gay marriage cannot be recognized and therefore this amendment would be redundant nonsense; a proverbial bone for the religious base.

I think in light of the recent passing of Rosa Parks it would be a TRAVESTY to allow such a measure to pass. It would certainly be an indication that the spirit of the civil rights movement just may have died with Rosa Parks.

Civil Marriage is a Civil Right! No Nonsense in November VOTE NO AGAINST PROP 2!!!


The most infuriating sentence in his post "Defining marriage is just sparking the debate for me as to how one goes about getting legal documents for all my un-married friends in long-term relationships. But then again, laws get changed." Thats exactly what I imagine a straight person with no insight into how difficult is to be gay in this country would say.


Blogger GayProf said...

I agree, Adam. It puzzles me to no end that people, especially gay folk, can be so blase about defending civil rights or fighting social injustice. Only the most self-centered individuals could be apathetic about politics right now.

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