Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Technical Meltdowns and Revelations

So there were some issues with the sidebar on my blog and Internet Explorer. I fixed it now so it should work. If is doesn't please let me know. I didn't catch it before because everything looked fine in Firefox and Safari, the only browsers I care to use. I don't understand why in 2005 I have to deal with this kind of shit. I thought HTML was universal but apparently IE is too good for my blog the way it was before.

Brad has shown me something wonderful! Safari is RSS enabled and with it you can use it to view blogs you read often. Its fantastic because it puts all the blogs in the RSS feed with the most recently updated on top. Very convenient no more having to click through all my blog links. If y'all have Safari, or Firefox, try it out.

In other technical meltdowns, I had to get to work early today to start on some things that were time sensitive. I did not have time to get coffee and I realize now that without coffee in the morning I am completely useless. After I got my early morning tasks done I went to lab meeting and presented data. I must have sounded like a complete and utter moron while talking. I basically said, "Here's the data, the controls worked." The irony is that I had all of the meaninful observations and anomolies noted in my lab book that was right in front of me. Coffee or not I usually dont remember to look at my notes so at least that was normal.


Blogger Knute123 said...

I have Firefox and your sidebar was disappearing on me. IE sucks, but your blog decided to get snooty and only work for those deemed worthy.

5:54 PM  

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