Friday, November 11, 2005

Thank You TiVo!

Thanks to the graces of TiVo another documentary series has been viewed in its entirety. Tonight was the final, and quite cathartic, episode of Trans Generation. I'd seen many documentaries about transsexuals in the past but they always seemed to be forensic, focusing on the hormones, surgeries, and psychological aspects. This show really brought the human element into it because you got to see how four students lived for a year as transsexuals at various universities. Not only that but show's creators also presented a nice balance of people to focus on. Two of the students being followed, Lucas (Female to Male) and Raci (Male to Female), are obviously suited to their transition and are quite obviously more comfortable with their new gender. Lucas and Raci are foiled by Gabbie (MtF) and TJ (FtM) who are somewhat awkward in their transition. Its well balanced and nicely done.

I'm sure Sundance will be rerunning the series so check it out.


Blogger Kord said...

I wish I had TiVo. It looks like it's a great invention...but, I don't do a great deal, so I rarely miss any of my shows. ;)

8:03 PM  

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