Saturday, October 29, 2005

My Friday Night

Oy! Last night I was at work until about 10:30. There is a big meeting this weekend at the institute where I work and our lab was doing some last minute experiments, analyzing data, and then making it look pretty in Power Point. It was actually kind of fun. My boss is such a great guy. Every hour or so he'd emerge from his office and check on all of us to make sure we were all ok and offer to get us soda, coffee, etc. He bought us pizza at around 9:30 and insisted that we all stop what we were doing and take a break to eat. At the end of the night he was still in his office working and thanked us all for working late on our Friday night.

This is an absolute departure from my previous boss, the evil bitch queen from Brazil. Many times she'd have me stay late with someone to work on some stuff and then leave around 6 and say, "Okay I'm going home. When you get the data email it to me. Call me if you have any questions." No "Thank you for staying late", nothing. I hate her. You can read all about her reign of terror here Thick Animosity and here Emancipation.

While I was at work HM, via her boyfriend, sent me a link to this:

I tried to find out about Shetty Pharmaceuticals but every search led me to Hetracil. Part of me knows this has to be a joke but another part of me realizes that anything is possible in this era of designer pharmaceuticals. Visit the site here. I love how the man is holding a rainbow colored kite and although he is holding his wife's hand he is still not as close to his family as he should be. Now that homosexuality has been cured the government probably wont see a need to fund any more scientific research. I better start looking for a new job.


Anonymous Matt UK said...

Great blog, been following it for a while.

Anyway, it looks like it is a hoax, I found this while trawling the internet.

Though having read some of yours and other blogs in the USA, it would not have been surprising if it was true. I dont know how you guys and gals can get by with all this anti-gay crap being thrown at you.

Keep up the good work.

8:30 PM  
Blogger Spider said...

But I wonder if major health plans will cover this on the Rx card? Whoever did this did an excellent job - this is a first class joke - I hope...

9:09 AM  
Blogger Spider said...

Also sounds like we were working for the same woman - but you handled it much better than I did...

Age does not always breed wisdom...

9:20 AM  

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