Sunday, November 02, 2003

Quite the relaxing weekend. On Saturday Brad and I had brunch at the house of one of his colleagues. They are both from New York originally and are really fun to talk to. Very easy going people. They live in a part of Dallas that is nearby the residences of some of the richest people in America. We went on a drive in the neighborhood and I saw some of the largest homes I have ever seen in my life. Palaces is the only word to describe them. I cannot imagine where or how these people got the money to build such houses. One even had its own baseball field…ridiculous if you ask me. One highlight was we got to see Mary Kay’s house, its pink and girly. All in all in was a delightful drive. The light was autumnal and if the temperature had been cooler it would have been a perfect November 1.

Sunday we woke up late and I just cleaned the house up while Brad did his usual of playing Sim City 4. We went out to half price books to dump some old magazines, I got $5 for them. Not too bad for taking trash out. Later we went to dinner at Chuys and gorged ourselves on some really good tex-mex. We love that place, the margaritas are really good and its in one of our favorite parts of town. Hopefully this week will go fast and will be relatively painless and we can do this again.