Thursday, June 29, 2006

New Look, New Grill, and A Movie

Wow! Look at that sexy new banner at the top of my blog! Isn't it beautiful!? A big sloppy wet kissed thank you to VJ from VJ Net for designing this banner and my new podcast artwork.


I absolutely love them with every fiber of my being, they are the best gifts a blogger/podcaster could ever receive. VJ is quite talented with the graphic design and also taught me the neato method of taking pictures of people with a special flash so its all trippy looking. He has tons of cool pics on his blog so go check his part f the internets out and check out his podcast too. Thanks again VJ!

My three day vacation from my vacation is over and I'm headed back to work tomorrow. I have a love-hate relationship with the feelings that I have after a huge amount of time off work that included a festive event that afforded me much euphoria. This feeling typically happens after the holiday season and the anticlimactic New Year hullaballoo; the crashing halt and inertial melancholy inevitably follows. I liken the sensation to stuffing yourself with your favorite food even though you're full, the pain is intense but you can't help it and you continue to gorge yourself. Has anyone figured out the technology for inertial damping yet (thats a geeky Star Trek reference that I'm sure Atari will get).

In any case, its been a splendid few days off. My parents bought Brad and I a grill and it was here when we returned home. My first day home was spent shopping for things to grill and then assembling my new toy. Its the Weber Q (isn't that just utterly appropriate) and it has my stamp of approval as well as Mondo Rick-o's as well. I highly recommend this grill for anyone who as a limited amount space and/or wants a grill that is good for home or travel (the grill comes out of the stand and can be taken with on camping trips and accommodates a small propane tank).


I'm so liberal with the parentheses today(strange isn't it)?

I also spent a nominal amount of time throwing some photos together into a photo movie. I have the iLife '06 suite of apps for the Mac so I figured that I'd actually use some the capabilities that Mac apps are famed for. I had uploaded the video to Google video and wanted to be slick and embed it into the blog post itself but that was an utter bust so click on the image of the movie and you can watch and download the movie.


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Trite But True

Sometimes you go to a place and you leave a piece of your heart there. This happens because of the inherent beauty of place, the streets, the sounds, the smells, the sights, and even the id that results from all of those aspects. If you're fortunate enough you can share this experience with others that are visiting and it can serve as a context for the forging of friendships. If you're even more fortunate you're able to meet people that live in that place and forge friendships with them as well.

I had been to San Francisco many times before last week but never really dove into the city like I did this time. Nor have I experienced the pangs of withdrawal after having left the city and returning home. Thats when you know you're in love, when it hurts to say goodbye.

My experience this time went beyond the notion of Pride and beyond the simplistic idea of a vacation. It was an adventure that I will remember forever and I will never forget my phenomenal week I had with the city itself, others who traveled from around the nation to be there, and especially those who lived there and welcomed their guests like old friends although they were meeting many of them for the first time.

No matter how trite it may sound, its all too true to say, I left my heart in San Francisco.

To read an amazing tribute to the week head over to JD's blog post here.

Atari, Daryl, Rey, Michael, Kel, Darin, Darin, Kalvin, JD, Chad, Jake, Nick, Jeff, JetBoy, Donnan, and Dan and anybody else that I met if I left you out thank you for an amazing time.

A picture podcast or a photo movie will be posted soon so y'all can see the photos without having to scroll down to the thenth level of hell. I have 488 photos.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Photos From The City












Monday, June 19, 2006

Krebs Cast #42: Trifecta Magnum

Krebs Cast #42

Krebs Cast Page

Myka Fox returns to the podcast along with my best friend, Heather. We reminisce about high school days, revisit our hijinks and bally hoo, and even wax philosophical on some contemporary issues. Myka also shares a beautiful and special song about her fifth grad teacher. Beyond any doubt this is the ultimate trio, the trifecta to end all trifectas.

  • A PSA from Redwoods AIDS Information Network and Services (R.A.I.N.S)

  • A lovely listener voicemail from Jose in W. Virginia.

  • Music from New Sense

    Flowers Before Hours

    Flowers Before Hours

    New Sense
    Brilliante Records

  • Sunday, June 18, 2006

    Spam Libs

    Lately I've been getting the weirdest spam coming into my mail box. It lacks all grammatical form and syntax but I find it highly amusing. Perhaps its some kind of new poetry that I am unaware of.

    Here's one I got tonight:

    Jennifer was taken in the gym at the soccer teams practice classics deplored. Knowing the reason why she was there, mount spinnaker. Pia slid off her top and showed her tits namesake aboard. 15 guys Faaucked 1 beauty GiIrs Instantly, the players rushed up to her chubbiest modifiers

    Brilliant! Yes I too am allured by the chubbiest modifiers on a person's body. Finally! Some spam that brings me joy and is more than just empty promises for penile and ejaculate enhancement.

    Thursday, June 15, 2006

    A Long Time Ago...

    Originally uploaded by Hambone123.
    This is what young gay men do in places like Phoenix when they have fabulous creative and wild friends. They play with giant sheets of shiny mylar.

    As much as I love digital photgraphy there is something about a Polaroid that makes me feel so good.

    Tuesday, June 13, 2006

    Krebs Cast #41: Gaming, Global Warming, and Being Out

    Krebs Cast #41

    Krebs Cast Page

  • My weekend

  • Getting a Nintendo DS at midnight and the resulting convergence of nerdiness.

  • Thanks to Kevin at Hypoxic for donating to Jeff and my's AIDS walk group, The Gayborhoodies. Also thank you to Tony and Flip, your donations are incredibly generous!!

  • Check out Dan's blog and his AIDS Walk effort. Research costs money and NIH budgets have been slashed for obvious reasons war.

  • Ignore cuntservative wackos, they thrive off of liberal attention.

  • Reaction to An Inconvenient Truth.

  • Searching For Happiness

  • A message from JW Richard from Mandrake Society Radio.

  • I learned to stutter by MikeyPod.

  • Getting Out from The Violence by one of my personal super heroes, Gay Prof.

  • ERRATA: We are not at 380ppm of CO2 this year, we have been OVER 380ppm for the past century. Data here.


  • A Response

    This comment (in italics) was left on my blog in regards to my statement saying I was going to see An Inconvenient Truth. My response is in bold.

    While it is clear to me that humans are contributing to a rise in global temperatures it is definitely not clear that they are the main factor. The earth cools, the earth warms...the species that survive adapt.

    John, it says in your profile that you're in manufacturing. That is a fine profession but I don't see anywhere else that says that you dabble in meteorology, geology, or evolutionary theory. Therefore, I don't know how you can make such a claim with such bravado. Where is your data? What are your theories on what IS the main factor? If we are contributing wouldn't an adaptation be to stop contributing to the CO2 thats causing the problem so we can survive?

    Al Gore, in addition to inventing the internet, is a total boob. (disclaimer, I haven't seen the movie, maybe its ok, but i'm skeptical).

    Ad Hominem argument. Please omit next time and bring facts that are relevant to the issue and not attacks on the person presenting them.

    While I'm sure he is well meaning I'm also sure that he lacks a fundamental understanding of the climate and our impact on it. He knows what he's been told, and unfortunately he surrounds himself with do-gooder environmentalists that would apparently prefer to sit in the dark and walk to work.

    What makes you "sure" that Gore lacks the understanding? Are you in the field? Al Gore has been spearheading awareness of global warming for many years. He has surrounded himself with scientific data and professionals in the field who are taking measurements. Scientists have an obligation to report measurements as they see them and over 928 peer reviewed articles in scientific journals over ten years (1993-2003) (Beyond The Ivory Tower: The Scientific Consensus on Climate Change) all come to the same conclusion that CO2 levels are rising at a more rapid pace than at any other time in the past 600k years and that the climate is changing in a manner that is not consistent for the cycles in the past 600k years. May I remind you that when you don't have a planet to live on you can't sit in the light or drive your car to work.

    They offer no workable options (mostly because there aren't any!) but they insist that we "ACT NOW".

    Please see the movie or go to There are several workable options that we as individuals can do to stop and even reverse the effects of global warming.

    Me-thinks he needs to talk to some people that actual understand energy, global variations in temperature and what alternatives are viable on a truely global scale. Until he does that I think I'll pass on spending my 8 bucks on his movie.

    Again, Gore has been tracking this issue since he was a college student, he cites scientific data, and being that he was Vice President he's had experience meeting with energy officials in the past. Not to mention he dedicated much of his senate career to this issue as well. Your Ad Hominem argument of Al Gore being a "boob" doesn't hold water so please I encourage you to write Al Gore to tell him who he should be talking to. I think individual adjustsments in how each person can live are viable on a global scale. Furthermore the rest of the developed world has signed The Kyoto treaty and are dedicated to fighting global warming and reducing CO2 emissions. The US is one of two nations, Australia being the other, to not sign it. Furthermore, fuel efficiency standards for vehicles are significantly higher in other nations compared to the US. This would suggest that the globe already has thought of and acted on viable solutions.

    Look people, its good to be skeptical but NOT BEFORE YOU SEE THE DATA. Watch the movie, learn the data, and then address the issue, not the messenger.

    Saturday, June 10, 2006

    List, list, o list

  • Working out.

  • Cleaning house.

  • Going to see An Inconvenient Truth.

  • Perhaps a podcast.

  • I'm going to break down and make an exception this one time and attempt to purchase a NIntendo DS Lite tonight at midnight at Wal-Mart. I shall be giving myself 50 lashes with my cat of nine tails laced with liberal elixir to make up for this.

  • Electroplankton. New Super Mario Bros. Kirby: Canvas Curse. Do not disturb.

    Trivia question: Who knows what play the title of this blog post is from and who says it?
  • Wednesday, June 07, 2006

    Sci-Fi Escapism

    Its amazing what a good nights sleep can do. Yesterday I was feeling bleah on all sorts of levels. I realize now that it was mostly because the previous night was spent tossing and turning in bed trying to find that comfortable spot in the bed and in my mind. I realize during the day yesterday that I had to take a break from everything and just sit back and relax on the couch and watch a movie. No blogs, no news, no podcasting, just some good old fashioned mental masturbation.

    After Brad made a delicious dinner of vegetarian shepherds pie we settled in to watch one of the many movies occupying our TiVo. The choices were many but we settled on Starship Troopers. I had heard the movie was a completely retarded and it sounded deliciously idiotic. After all the director, Paul Verhoeven, brought us the classics Basic Instinct and Showgirls so this movie was bound to be a hit with a couple of 'mos. Furthermore how deep could a movie with the never quite actualized Casper Van Dien and Denise Richards be?

    Most entertaining indeed.

  • In the future earth is controlled by a fascist military government where one is only a citizen after serving in the military because only those who put themselves between the state and the desolation of war are the ones who truly love the republic.

  • Light years away on the opposite side of the galaxy a non-human, bug-like race exists and apparently cause a threat to humanity although that threat is unclear.

  • Meteor hits earth, destroys Buenos Aries. Bugs are blamed for hurdling the meteor at earth although the connection is loose at best. Humans launch a full out assault on the bugs to exterminate them for the good of humanity.

  • Bugs turn out to be more sophisticated than humans thought. Military intelligence turned out to be faulty. WOOPS. 300,000 humans die in the first attempt to invade and exterminate bugs from one of their planets.

  • Commercials shown that paint war as something great. For example: Commercials of kids stomping on bugs while mother watches with maniacal glee at the children stomping on madagascar hissing roaches. For example: Commercials showing how civilians can kill the bugs quickly in the event of an infestation.

  • Some characters in the movie argue that perhaps the bugs have a collective consciousness and that we should try and understand them in our efforts to defeat them. Notion is quickly shot down and state scientists insists the bugs are just evildoers pests and must be exterminated for the good of humanity.

  • Main character is a soulless youth who joins the military for all the wrong reasons, never has an original thought in his head, and follows orders from his superiors and female love interests with the alacrity of a puppy dog. He quickly moves up the ranks although he lacks any kind of talent except for the fact that everyone likes him.

  • Lieutenant / former high school teacher of the main characters states in the beginning of the movie that the social scientists of the twentieth century were responsible for the downfall of mankind and the military is the saving grace of humanity. Also states that the only way any issue truly gets solved is through violence.

    It was nice to escape for a night.

    Want to learn more about this utopian vision of the future? Read the wiki for Starship Troopers here.
  • Today I'm Happy

    Today I'm happy. The FMA was killed today in the Senate. Now that this shitstorm is over I think it would be nice if y'all headed over to The US Senate's Web Page and write a big thank you letter to all the Senators that voted to kill this legislation.

    Here's the link to the vote record.

    Here's the vote results:

    FMA Vote

    Be sure to THANK the senators who voted no, let them know you care, let them know that you appreciate it and that you were watching.

    rainbow flag sunset.0

  • Picture courtesy of Kelly from Rambling Along in Life With a Stern Point of View
  • Sunday, June 04, 2006

    Krebs Cast #40: Poppin' Pod Cherry With Bruce

  • Krebs Cast #40

  • Krebs Cast Page

  • Subscribe in iTunes!

    Listen as I chat with the eminent but hitherto unheard Bruce from Cleveland. An evangelist of the PNS boys, a mix CD maven, and author this phenom although well known in the podosphere has never been on a podcast. It was my distinct pleasure and joy to break his pod cherry, yum! Now that he's corrupted he may never be the same.

    Listen as we discuss his recent trip and experiences in Europe, his always evolving online serial novel "Hook Up?," and thoughts on gay youth.

  • Bruce's Blog, Senseless

  • Hook Up?

  • Skyscraper Page and the comparison of Paris v. New York.
  • 46 Years and Counting

    Cheers to my parents! June 4th is their anniversary and they have been married for 46 years.


    They've been incredible parents: strong, loving, stern, involved, devoted, exemplary. They have supported me in everything that I do and although I may not have always thought so, have always had my health and happiness as their number one priority. Additionally they have shown me that enduring relationships will encounter many hurdles and that love is an action in addition to an emotion. I only wish that everyone could be so fortunate to have parents like mine, parents that love their children and one another with reckless abandon. Happy anniversary mom and dad.



    Thursday, June 01, 2006

    Krebs Cast #39: Riled, Incensed, Polemic

    Krebs Cast #39

    Krebs Cast Page

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    Warning: this podcast is NOT calm, in fact its downright tempestuous. I've awoken from my post weekend slumber and I'm ready to talk about issues again. Its real, its raw, its me and if you don't like it then I especially want you to keep listening!

  • A message from my friend and fellow podcaster, JayT.

    : Tell your senators to vote NO on the FMA.

  • From Kelly over at Rambling Along in Life: As a sign of solidarity for pride month, put this picture on your blog! If hundreds of thousands of immigrants can rally together then why the hell can't we!?
    rainbow flag sunset.0

  • Was The 2004 Election Stolen? Article from Rolling Stone.