Tuesday, December 21, 2004

AlterNet: Election 2004: The Mainstream Crying For Election Reform This seems to be the theme today. Aboloishing the Electoral College is becoming more and more appealing to me especially after this election where it was so evident that the candidates played to a handful of states thus leaving the majority of the nation out of the election. Getting rid of the college would really allow for everyone to feel as if their vote counts, it would truly galvanize the electorate. I think the winner take all system is antiquitated as well in terms of representation from the states. Although I think that local representation on a federal level is a unique facet to our democracy I think that there is no need for it since there is that same representation at the state level. Finally I think it would be fantastic if election day were a holiday or if the election were held over the weekend. These reforms need to be considered our system needs to be retooled.
NY Apartment Said to Have Been Scene of a Kerik Affair (for 9/11 workers, faced ground zero) This raises some questions for me. #1 is Kerik so twisted that he perhaps had sex with his autobiographer while looking out over the pit of ground zero? If so that is the ULTIMATE expression of narcissism that deserves its own name. #2 What is the angle of this Anthony Bergamo chararcter and his obsession with law enforcement officers? This scene is so twisted. Police comissioner Kerik is screwing his autobiographer while looking out over the largest terrorist attack in US history that will ultimately define his law enforcement career in an apartment that his closet case homo italian bud hooked him up with through his Jewish real-estate company. Kinky republicans!
The Following Toys are Banned From Church Property!: "Tickle Me Elmo - What the instructions on this perverted little toy don't tell you is that if your child tickles Elmo on the nape between his hairy red testicles and fuzzy hiney, instead of letting out a giggle, he twitches and moans in a suggestive manner, squirting warm yogurt (not included) into your sweet child's face. "

ABC News: Poll: President's Year-End Job Approval So this is interesting. I'm not a mathematics WHIZ by any means but I know when numbers are greater than (>) or less than (<) each other. So lets look at this: the president won 53% of the popular vote as tallied by the Diebold voting machines yet the ABC news poll, not counted with Diebold voting machines, says the presidents approval rating is 48%. 48 < 53 : 48 is less than (<) 53. I wonder if someone took an approval rating solely in a state like lets say OHIO and compared it to the election results if you would get this same result? A job approval rating of 48% and they call it a mandate? Is this the twilight zone?!
TIME Person of the Year 2004: George W. Bush Why oh why did Time magazine do this? Not that I've ever thought that their reporting has ever been anything but on the surface but this is just over the top. Its interesting to see all the other multimedia Bush/Reagan crap that accompanies this article. I guess Karl Rove and Bob Novak now run Time magazine. Its only explanation for the blubbering of affection that the magazine is giving to Bush and everything conservative. The only solace that I take in this is that the water color image of W on the cover looks more like a Norman Rockwell rendition of Donald Rumsfeld as a clown. Person of the year indeed. Spain here I come!!!

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Hello All. I recently dined at a Chili's tonight for the first time in a while. Tonight I decided to order and appetizer and it amazes me that the wait staff and the kitchen staff can never seem to get the appetizer out BEFORE the meal. They even list the appetizers under the heading of "Starters" on their menu. This is consistent behavior that I have experienced at many a Chili's so I decided to write them a letter expressing my concern.

To Chili's Management:

I have dined at your establishment many times and there is something that needs to be fixed. The timing of the delivery of the appetizer is very crucial to my dining experience. I rarely order appetizers. However, when I do I like them for the purpose that their very name is based on, to enhance my appetite. Therefore it would be logical to deliver the appetizer before the main course arrives. It seems in your establishments that the wait staff is under the impression that the appetizer should be served with the meal. If this is the case I suggest that you change your menu heading of "Starters" to "Meal Supplements" or "Side Dishes," therefore eliminating any ambiguity. If you do intend for the items under the "Starters" heading to be served before the meal I would strongly urge your wait staff, and kitchen staff, to make sure that the "Starters" come out before the start of the meal. From now on I will have trepidation when approached with the decision to order a "Starter." This may seem like an isolated incident but I have experienced this kind of mismanagement at your restaurants in the Denver, Tucson, Pheonix, and Dallas areas. If this problem is not remedied I will no longer order "Starters" at your restaurant again.

Adam Palazzo

I Suggest everyone to write letters like this to any corporation that you fell is not doing their jobs properly. Our votes may mean shit these days but money is still green and we all know its synonomous with power. Therefore if we are to subjected to corprate food, clothing, and sundrie outlets I suggest we let them know that we will seek out better products if theirs do not live up to our expectations.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

How We Really Could Support Our Troops This is a short but very poignant article on supporting the troops.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

US News Article | Reuters.com What is going on in NYC? No more creativity or expression. Honestly though any painting of George Bush would be comical in itself so who cares if its made of monkeys swimming on a marsh.
Blockbuster dropping late fees as of Jan. 1 - Dec. 14, 2004 So this is a great scam. Tell everyone you're eliminating the late fees but instead if they dont return the rental you force them to buy a movie that you probably dont really want minus the rental fee. If you dont want it you can come back and return it for a credit minus a restocking fee. So you return the movie that you were forced to buy at LIST PRICE that you never wanted and you have a credit at blockbuster. Thing is blockbuster already has your money, you can only use it AT blockbuster i think they're busting our blocks even more with this shit. Can you imagine the embarassment i would feel if i didnt return BIG MOMMAS HOUSE and i was forced to BUY IT!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Monday, December 13, 2004

"Bob in Paradise" by Amy Sullivan This is a chilling and eye opening story. Not that I didnt know that Bob Novak was scum before this, but to learn that he's respected by his peers?! Sends shivers down my spine.
Good Day! This article, Read here, in the times is so laughable. First of all, the Pentagon and the US military decieving the public is not something new. The article highlights the credibility gap that the government and the military experienced with the public during the conflict in Vietnam; hmm I think thats happening NOW too. I think its funny too how the article play with the idea that the media might report this misinformation. WHAT?! WOLF BLITZER WOULDNT BE ABLE TO TELL THE TRUTH FROM LIES?!!! NO IT CANT BE!!! Furthermore isnt this kind of strategy the same that the former Iraqi minister of Information used to use and we would all laught at? Perhaps regime change means "Invade the country and behave just like the dictator did but run up the American flag and call it DEMOCRACY!"

I love this quote from the aforementioned article: "In the battle of perception management, where the enemy is clearly using the media to help manage perceptions of the general public, our job is not perception management but to counter the enemy's perception management," said the chief Pentagon spokesman, Lawrence Di Rita.

Hooray For Chrismukkah

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Okay I think the time has definately come for new leadership in the Democratic party. Howard Dean is perfect for the job! I really hope he heads up the party, deconstructs it, and puts it back together so that it represents all people in the party. He was on the meet the press and other crapfest shows lately and his comments have been excellent. I love his idea of a "50 state strategy," and going with that he emphasizes that there are no red or blue states, they're all purple. Thats so right on. All the states are up for grabs and its just a matter of getting the message out to the people and showing the nation your true colors. Democrats need to shed their shady and shifty strategy and come out and take a stand for the values that they are supposed to represent. Screw playing to the middle, look where it got us.

On another note: Poor Rudy. He made a wrong decision and now he's just one of the many in the ranks of those that were once useful to Karl Rove. Read Here I think he needs to hone his character assesment abilities.

P.S. Screw Bill Clinton. He's the most guilty of the watering down of the party. I used to like him but he's just a politcal snake. He'll say whatever he needs to so that he gets the best poll results. He's a sickening populist.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Havent blogged in a while.

I applied for a new job yesterday, just to see where it goes. I dont think I'll get a call back for it but if i do it would be great. I'd leave the job im at now for something that makes a lot more money. I'd enjoy that. Plus i'd be able to escape the wrath of my boss and her imp husband.

I ate a McFlurry and a large fries this afternoon. It felt great! Now that I have fat coursing through my veins I am happy.