Saturday, April 29, 2006

Krebs Cast #31: JayT from

Krebs Cast #31

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  • A podcast with JayT from JayT Online.

  • How we both found podcasts.

  • A discussion of satellite radio and podcasts migrating to the medium.

  • Discussion of Wanda Wisdom's migration to full time podcasting.

  • The domain name giver's blog Rober Prather's OPML Blog

  • But really the question is: Is the politics that hard to follow?

  • JayT gets a phone call.

  • Rush Limbaugh meta.

  • Do conservatives just have brain tumors?

  • Discussion of things weird.

  • Iran.

  • More musings on the suburbs with a suburbanite.

  • Illegal copy of Windows alert thingy from Andy Melton from

  • Thanks to JayT for coming on the show and the wrap up.

    Closing song you hear on today's podcast is podsafe used with permission from Ioda Promonet. More information below, enjoy!

    Chin Up Chin Up

    Chin Up Chin Up

    Chin Up Chin Up
    Flameshovel Records

  • Wednesday, April 26, 2006

    Krebs Cast #30: A Reinvention of Sorts

  • Hello and thank you to start.

  • Express Your Vote Cookie winners announced!

  • Geek Brief TV, Geek News Central, Digital Flotsam

  • Read about Net Neutrality on Aaron's Blog, Meanwhile. Also check out Alyssa Milano's Blog on the topic as well.

  • PSA from PodcastPSA on Safer Sex.

  • The Gayborhoodies and the AIDS Walk in Dallas

  • Heather's Story....

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  • A Message From Alden

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    Songs you heard on this episode
    Order by the band Kokoon, off of their album Erase
    Making Me Nervous by the band Brad Sucks, off of their album I Don't Know What I'm Doing
    Jorg by Chris Harvey, off of his album The White Sail

  • And I cut myself off at the end of the podcast with the music but it sounded okay anyway. Thanks for listening everyone!

    Krebs Cast #30

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  • An Inconvenient Truth

    More than any other issue I believe this one deserves everyone's attention. We can argue throughout eternity about the things that make us different but without a planet to live on we'll all be dead and none of that will matter. Nothing is more of a clear and present danger to ALL life on this planet than global warming.

    Tuesday, April 25, 2006

    Nice Mandate.

    Bush approval

    -from the website of Steven Ruggles, Department of History, University of Minnesota

    This month's Rolling Stone:

    Read the story here.

    Sunday, April 23, 2006

    Krebs Cast #29: What are words for when no one listens anymore?

  • New intro.

  • A discussion of the fire fight between Madge and Adam Curry, what I learned from it, and what it made me think about.

  • Listener voice-mail and the usual podcasting stuff.

    Enjoy! Remember you can contact me by emailing me at or you can call my listener line...


    Krebs Cast #29

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  • Thursday, April 20, 2006

    Yes, They Do!

    How far would you go to keep your job? Well the man that washes the windows on my building at work is pretty damn dedicated.

    Last night we had a very violent thunderstorm and there are pendulous dark clouds still in the sky. Here is the weather report for Dallas today:

    Now it is pretty certain that its going to rain again today and the windows will just get dirty again. Not only that but the man who was washing the windows was standing on an aluminum ladder on the outside of a midrise building on a day when lightening could strike at any minute.

    This man was also hispanic.

    The Gilded Frame of The Upper Class

    Upon watching CNN today at the gym while doing my cardio I remembered why I don't watch or read mainstream media anymore.

    The media has evolved in a manner such that they frame all white upper middle class peoples as victims of terrible circumstance if anything unsavory happens to them. Its like watching a film noir movie where you're on the side of the main character in spite of their blatant shortcomings and defects that got them into trouble in the first place.

    For example, Natalee Holloway. This girl has been missing for I don't know how long now but CNN is obsessed with her story. I wrote a blog post on the obscene amount of coverage on her disappearance some time ago, specifically the indulgent discussion of it on the insipid Nancy Grace show. What is so special about this girl really? She went to Aruba and she got involved with some unsavory people due to her own naivete. As a result she's probably at the bottom of he caribbean right now and I'm sure her skeleton is making a very nice scaffold for new coral development. All tasteless humor aside, why, given all the Americans that go missing every year while on holiday, is she so important? The only reason why anyone cares about her story is because she's white, blonde, christian, and upper middle class. She could be be the daughter of any one of the people in this country that really matter; you know, the white, upper middle class, christian people.

    The bottom line is that when terrible things happen to anybody who doesn't fit into those categories its just not the same, somehow the media feels like its not so important. Why? Racism and classism.

    Now on CNN they have new young victims of circumstance, Collin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann the two Duke University students accused of kidnapping and raping a 27 year old black woman. Now I don't normally add qualifiers such as "black" when describing people because usually its not relevant but in this case is an exception and the race of the alleged victim is relevant.

    While at the gym I noticed some things about CNN's coverage of this story and after reading several articles from the mainstream media I see these issues echoed. Number one, the accused are not referred to as Duke University students, except here in this blog, but as Duke lacrosse players. Now why would you do that? Is it really important to the issue that we be reminded that these two are lacrosse players over and over again? This a way of humanizing the accused, making them seem just like everybody else; you know all those other white, upper middle class, young men who can never do wrong and play lacrosse.

    The other thing that I noticed, specifically on CNN, is that the accused high school coaches were attesting the moral character of these young men but in terms of sports metaphor. One coach went on record saying something to the affect that one of the boys was a reliable team member and you could always count on him in a clutch. Okay thanks for letting me know that the next time I'm on the lacrosse field I can count on this young man to make the goal for me. I guess I can overlook that he's been accused of rape now. Case closed!

    Furthermore CNN continuously showed establishing footage of the neighborhoods where these boys were from. Neighborhoods with large homes and green lawns. Neighborhoods of the white and privileged where rapists couldn't possibly be bred. I mean how could a young white man who has gotten everything he's ever wanted or asked for since he was born ever be capable of rape? Its just not possible, the suburbs are safe and pure and good. White collar crime is one thing but white suburbanites couldn't possibly commit rape, let alone the rape of a black woman. Obviously there has been a mix up.

    I know that our legal system is such that you are innocent until proven guilty in this country and I know that what happened to Natalee Holloway was indeed a tragedy for her family and friends. What I seek to underline here is the gilded framing that the mainstream media puts on situations that involve white, upper middle class individuals. Ask yourself the last time you saw a black man convicted of rape ever painted as a victim of circumstance. Think of a time when you've ever seen a news report that even entertained the idea that a black man accused of raping a white woman was a victim of circumstance. Consider how many black women probably go missing every day and we don't hear about it. Consider how many gay people are harassed, beat up, killed every day and we don't hear about it. Well to be fair and balanced these stories are mentioned, on local news stations, briefly, before the sports cast comes on.

    Tuesday, April 18, 2006

    Krebs Cast #28: I Can't Help Myself, I'm Addicted

    To podcasting that is.

  • My new gig at The Dirty Dish.

  • A voice mail from mi madre whilst she visits Hawaii.

  • Discussion of a brilliant blog post from The Gay Prof entitled "The Truck."

  • On why I think the Yeast is more active than ever.

  • The Pooch Parade

  • Don't hold back, be free when you podcast!

  • A PSA by Mikey Pod from PodcastPSA.

  • Email me at, leave comments on the blog page or the podcast page.


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  • Won Ton Crunchies Hon-ayeee

    Go on over to The Dirty Dish and check out this weeks dirty dirty episode with special guest Cheryl Merkowski. Its smokayyyyyy.

    Krebs Cast #27: Preachin' To The Choir While The Earth Burns

    Hey y'all. I'm back from my tour of the podosphere and its good to come home.

  • Things that matter to me are a reflection of who I am.

  • Hammurabi says: An eye for an eye and a nuke for a nuke.

  • Taxes

  • Global Warming

  • Discussion of snipets of the article in the May 2006 issue of Harpers "The New Road To Serfdom: An illustrated guid to the coming real estate collapse."

  • Register to vote!

  • My personal expression of why voting is important to me.

  • Contact me by leaving a comment, emailing me at, or call my listener line FREE at


    Krebs Cast #27

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  • Monday, April 17, 2006


    Okay everybody so tomorrow is the day! April 18th, 2006 is National Blog Voter Registration day. Go over to Kevin's blog, Hypoxic: Random Social and Political Thought, and find out voter eligibility requirements in your state. Also visit to find out how you can register to vote in your state.

    Also, for those of you that don't know because you didn't listen to Krebs Cast #26, I am sponsoring an Express Your Vote competition. Submit your expression of why its important to vote via a link to a blog post, podcast, video cast, song, etc. to me by April 19, 2006. The three best expressions will win a batch of cookies baked by me and sent to them at no cost. Its so easy people, all you have to do is express why voting is important to you and you get free cookies!

    Email your submissions to

    I am not much of a poet but I found the best way for me to express my vote was by making a list in sort of a poem format.

    I vote...

    For those who have come before me.

    For those who will come after me.

    For those who are defending me.

    For those who have died for me.

    For those who seek to expand my liberty.

    For the possibility that one vote will make all the difference.

    To be a citizen

    To secure my liberties

    To expand my liberties

    To be heard

    To let them know that I care.

    To let them know that I am watching.

    To take responsibility.

    To say, "I'm not going to take your shit anymore."

    I vote For peace.

    I vote To defend my nation against those who seek to exploit it

    I vote because I'm angry.

    I vote because this nation isn't perfect.

    I vote because I still believe

    in the dream

    in the myth

    in the hope

    and in the promise

    of America.

    Sunday, April 16, 2006

    Dallas in Full Bloom

    All across the world today people are celebrating the pagan springtime ritual. Some look for decorated eggs hidden in the grass, others gorge themselves on chocolate and jelly beans, and some gorge themselves on eggs benedict and mimosas.

    Here in Dallas the tradition for the past twenty or so years has been one that is steeped in dignity and in the true keeping with the springtime rite, The Pooch Parade.

    The parade is held in Lee Park here in Dallas so named after General Robert E. Lee. Here he is with his gay lover riding on their horses.


    Here's The Gayborhood Gringo, Jeff, with his new toy.


    It was a lovely day in Lee Park.


    Even Jesus showed up.


    Here is our first pooch. For those of you that haven't already figured it out, the pooch parade is basically an excuse for gay men to dress themselves and their dogs up in fabulously excessive garb. Its kinda like pride here in Dallas only far more outrageous, has more children, and there are straight people acting like fools too! I love it.


    This woman got a visit from the Easter Bunny WHEEEEE!


    Daddy and his boys.


    Mamma and her boys.


    This lovely collie was dressed as Genie. Dog people have a lot of time on their hands. They're almost as bad as bloggers.


    The parade is about to start and everyone was sweating with anticipation...actually it was just hot as hell.


    The participants:





    This lady had her pom in a sailor's suit and in a wagon dressed up like a ship he was also accompanied by some stuffed animal sailors as well. Now I don't know if she was being tongue and cheek but the back of the wagon reads "Lotta Seamen."


    This was one of the last in the parade and by far one of my favorites. You GO Gurl!! I couldn't tell if the dog or the owner was "Princess Cupcake" though.



    See now everybody Texas has lotsa out and proud freaks too and even though we're a red state. Now if we can only get people to get as enthusiastic about getting the bastard asses who are in power out of office as they are about dressing up their dogs we'll be set. I'm not judging, I'm just sayin'.

    Friday, April 14, 2006

    You Owe Us, Bigtime, Friday

    I don't know what's so good about it. Its the day that is the crux of catholic guilt and thus the most brilliant marketing campaign in human history. This is the day that a man who you didn't know died so that you can be absolved of sins that you commit without even knowing it so that you can live forever after you die. Feel guilty, feel very very guilty and leave a donation please.

    I used to have the brain fog myself and if you could travel back in time to my adolescent years you would find a young Adam sobbing in front of a piece of wood that ironically means salvation for millions but really is, and was, an instrument of cruel and unusual punishment.

    Anyway, most people take this day off but my present employer doesn't give the day off which is convenient. In previous years I've come to work even when everyone else was absent. I couldn't, in good conscience, be absent from work on a day that meant nothing for me so instead I asked that the hours be comped and that I just use the time for another day.

    Thursday, April 13, 2006

    Eat This Lucky Bitch

    Well this week has been a bit of a whirlwind for me in the world of podcasting but I have had a blast to say the least.

    Go check out this weeks episode of Eat This Hot Show, a weekly round table podcast featuring the trifecta of QPodders Madge Weinstein, Ragan Fox, and Wanda Wisdom, where I am this week's guest.

    Also be sure to check out today's episode of Lucky Bitch Radio where Wanda and I chit the chat on the progrUm.

    Enjoy everyone!

    Wednesday, April 12, 2006

    Glaring Omission

    Last night on American Idol the slaves performed songs from Queen. As is tradition the show started with a vignette paying homage to the featured artist of the week. Naturally when one speaks of Queen really one is speaking of the outrageous, the talented, the captivating, the flamboyant Freddy Mercury. Obviously Freddy is no longer with the band therefore, I found it odd that they neglected to mention how Freddy Mercury died.

    I'll say it here for those that don't know, he died from complications due to AIDS.

    Fuck you American Idol.

    Tuesday, April 11, 2006

    Krebs Cast #26 Mmm Cookies

    A brief discussion of a very influential woman in our lives, whether we know it or not, Temple Grandin. Mandissa chatter. More immigration talk, specifically how I've vacillated on the topic. Possible tactical nuke attacks in Iran?

    April 18th Register To Vote! Check out Hypoxic's voter registration drive on his blog.

    Finally, listen all the way though this podcast to learn how you can win a batch of my fresh baked cookies mailed to you courtesy of moi.


    Music Credit -- Artist: Andreas Haefliger, Album: Mozart Piano Sonatas, Used with permission from Magnatune

    Krebs Cast #26

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    Monday, April 10, 2006

    Baking Again

    Well I cannot help myself. Every time I bake something from the Martha Stewart cookbook I got for christmas it comes out so well I have to share it with all of you. In fact I'm so pleased with my confections that I wish you could all have a sample.

    First there were the Pignoli Cookies.

    Then there were the Lemon Madeleines.

    But I think I've hit the jackpot with the particular recipe, oatmeal raisin cookies. A simple cookie, downright trite one might say, but this recipe is so good. I don't care what Donald Trump or others say, Martha is a genius. When push comes to shove someone who brings joy to my life via food is far more impressive than someone who pollutes manhattan and other cities with gaudy sckyscrapers.

    What different about this recipe from oatmeal raisin cookies I've made in the past? Well this recipe uses shredded coconut and 1/3 of grade B maple syrup. Martha says grade B is better because it has a deeper flavor than grade A. I trust her and the cookies are fabulous!


    Oh, also, I don't normally do this but this man was so exceptionally hot that I have to. Who is the man that played Tony Soprano's new driver on The Soprano's last night? He was so hot it hurt to look at him and I was raised catholic so I need to inflict more pain on myself by looking at more pictures of him. So, If anyone wouldn't mind sending them my way I'd appreciate it.

    Saturday, April 08, 2006

    Guilty Indulgences

    This evening I listened to the radio. Specifically I listened to the "Mix" station here in Dallas which consists largely of songs from the late 80s and early 90s strung together in a continuous mix. Being that I am alone I couldn't help but sing along and dance in my living room to Milli Vanilli, Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul, and Kris Kross.

    Now I will go and enjoy my third ice cream sandwich of the day.

    Life is good.

    Friday, April 07, 2006

    Krebs Cast #25 Muchas Gracias! Merci Beaucoup! Danke Schon! Thank you!

    A very special thank you to a very generous listener. Home alone, thinking of the past with fondness. Political commentary inspired by Mizez Slocombe and Joe.My.God.. Lots of other stuff too.


    Krebs Cast #25

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    Thursday, April 06, 2006

    Krebs Cast #24 Late Night Ramblings

    A congrats to my mom for winning teacher of the year, hybrid vehicles, coral death and other cool blog/podcasting stuff. Just go with it.


    Krebs Cast #24

    Krebs Cast Page

    Oh also, I would love if you would subscribe to me in iTunes and submit some reviews in iTunes for the show as well. Its really easy and as always, free! Click on my podcast artwork in the sidebar to subscribe in iTunes.

    Wednesday, April 05, 2006

    Yes, I can count too.

    Stay Up Late to See Something Odd

    Quite frankly I don't see what the big fuss about all this is. I got so many emails about it. Time was created by man, its not like this is a natural phenomenon. So someone decided a long time ago that everyone, with the exception of some cultures, will read left to right. Then many many years later someone decided that time can be represented numerically. The next step was that the numerical chronological stamps would be time followed by date. Ooookay so naturally we could see this one from a mile away. Any child that knows how to count could have observed this so why is it that people are getting so excited?

    You know what makes me ooh and ahh? That in a right triangle, no matter where you are, the sum of the distance of each leg squared equals the distance of the hypotenuse. To make this even more amazing this theorem was proven by a man named Pythagoras in ancient Greece.

    Here's another one. As long as an object isn't approaching the speed of light (special relativity theory), its force is equal to the mass of the object times its acceleration. F=ma. It always works and it was elucidated by Sir Issac Newton during the renaissance. Thats fucking amazing to me.

    You know what's also amazing to me? That every living organism on this planet is encoded for using the same digital code, composed of the four bases A, G, C, and T and that scrambling those four digits in different ways makes all of the life that is currently on this planet. This discovery, perhaps one of the most profound discoveries of the 20th century, was made by the concerted efforts of Rosalind Franklin (I put her name first because she really found it first), Watson, Crick, Avery, McLeod, and McCarty. Thats fucking amazing!

    I know this post is horribly erudite but I find it really depressing that people are mystified that at an insignificant moment, on an insignificant day, on an insignificant year, on an insignificant planet, the time will read 01:02:03 04/05/06. There is so much more happening in and around us for us to be in awe of. If people would only take the same amount of time to step back look at it and reflect on it as much as they are this phenomenon it would be something awesome in itself.

    Tuesday, April 04, 2006

    Just a thought.

    As much as I rail against the Catholic church and everything it stood and stands for, there is no arguing that this is a beautiful place.



    Mission San Jose, San Antonio.

    Imagine if the true nature of Catholicsim were as beautiful and as real as this place.

    Sunday, April 02, 2006

    Krebs Cast #23 Mobile Podcast

    My first mobile podcast. Its a bit odd at times because I get quiet when I think that people are looking at me while I basically talk to myself but go with it. Overall I think its pretty good. It was my first time and I promise that it will get better.

    In any case I had a lot of fun doing this and I look forward to bringing you more of these kinds of casts.

    I have a listener line now so in addition to your emails and comments please call in. Questions, comments, concerns etc. are always welcome.


    Krebs Cast #23 Mobile Podcast
    Krebs Cast Page

    Here are the pictures I took during the podcast.




    Saturday, April 01, 2006

    Observations From The Mall

    Today was quite delightful. We woke up, went to the gym, and then headed out for a day of commercialism.

    We rarely go out to the mall. In fact, if it were up to me I'd like to just have my clothes regenerate themselves when they got worn down and or magically resize themselves after I gain or lose weight. Being that we don't have that technology yet I was forced to buy new clothes. It wasn't so bad, I had some gift cards from christmas that needed to be put to use.

    Because we rarely visit the mall its always a treat when we do go. I get to see all the kinds of people that I usually avoid, specifically people that breed and like to fill their lives with lots and lots of things they don't ever use. I love to see how they get so excited about items that they never knew they needed.

    We also had a nice dose of young, just-turned-legal male eye candy. Thats always welcome. Unfortunately I cannot help but think that one day they will become breeders themselves but their fascination for useless items will not fade. Oh the potential of youth and how its squandered on the young.

    There was also our dose of hot married men eye candy. Dallas seems to have more than any other city that I've lived in or visited. It amazes me when I see these specimens. We live in such a male dominated society and women have such low self esteem, overall, that there just doesn't seem to be any pressure for men to keep themselves in shape after they have coupled. The expectations for the post marital male are so much lower than that of the post marital woman. I mean can you imagine if the average run of the mill housewife told her fat husband to get to the gym and get hot or to just cut to the chase and get pec implants? Occasionally though there are those that keep themselves in tip top shape. I can only guess they keep themselves pretty out of a desire to be desired. In any case I'm more than happy to assuage them by casting furtive glances their direction.

    Overall though when I go to the mall it amazes me how much shit gets produced for people to consume. I wonder what happens to most of it. It can't all get bought up. Where does it go after its had its time in the market? Does the factory worker in China ever think that the product they worked so hard to make might just end up in the trash, or on trash? Do they even care? How much energy, both mental and mechanical, is wasted on bringing these things to the consumer. Its astonishing.