Sunday, July 31, 2005

Senator Frist's Stem Cell Shift - New York Times

I like how the last paragraph of this article underlines that this is probably a shrewd political grandstand for Frist to gain appeal with moderates. I have to agree, its not like he came out and said, "Lawmakers, especially those who dont know anything about stem cells, shouldnt be making decisions about this issue and the ban should be lifted completely." Then I'd respect him but now I just see it as another political move. Actions speak louder than words, put the money where your mouth is.

Change the headline to "Senator Frists First Presidential Posturing"
My parents are in town. I had a really good time with them today. At dinner it was really great cause my dad said the he thinks that same sex marriages ought to be legal and that everyone should have the same benefits in marriage. He also included that there is no reason why people should confuse the spiritual side of marriage with the legal aspects of it. It meant a lot to me to hear him say that.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Emancipation.....Celebration...Uh Huh, Yeah! (Kids in The Hall Style)

I did it! I walked out on my boss. I went to her in the middle of the day and I said to her, "You're obviously having a difficult time with my leaving so I'm going to make it easier for you and leave right now. I am also shocked at your behavior regarding the lunch yesterday, I think that you were completely inappropriate. Furthermore, I do not appreciate you talking to other people about how you feel betrayed by my leaving and coercing them into the same position." At which point I was interrupted by, "I dont need to hear this." I replied, "Okay. I'll stop talking. Bye!" Turned around and left.

This was sparked when someone where I work told me that they had been told by her that she felt betrayed, by my voluntary resignation for a better and higher paying job, and that she and all the other coworkers should feel the same way. Can you believe this woman?! Im so glad I walked out with dignity and grace.

If you are in a situation where someone treats you like utter shit please call them on it. Dont take it from them, control your own life!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Thick Animosity

As I have posted earlier, I am leaving my current place of employ for a better, higher paying job. Upon handing in my letter of resignation my boss responded with shock. However she said some unusual things, things that one would usually keep to themselves. "Frankly Adam I feel betrayed," she told me. Okay...I dont seem to remember signing some kind of contract with you. Last time I heard, work is voluntary and I am free to leave jobs as I wish. Furthermore, I have two reviews from her for the two years that I've spent working for her that are glowing, nothing short of saying, "Adam is the best!" I expected a shitstorm to follow all that week but for the most part things remained calm and she allowed me to do what I had to do to make the transition smooth for everyone where I work.

This week started out fine. Later last week someone suggested that the group should go out for lunch, a going away lunch if you will. We all agreed on Wednesday and this morning someone asked if the boss had been invited. She hadnt and a senior representative of the group went to ask if she would join us. The representative returned and reported that, "[Boss's Name] said that we can go to lunch but we all have to be back within an hour and that if we go over that hour she is going make sure that we all stay late to make up the time, especially Adam. She also wanted to know who organized the lunch." Wow! The kunt come forth and spread its thick animosity juice all over! Normally, we're allowed to go to lunch on our own and come back on our own without supervision, like adults. Nor I dont think its professional nor is it appropriate to treat the kind of people I work with (most people have PhDs) like they are five years old telling them when they can come and go and when they will be able to go home. Lastly and most bitchily, I cannot believe she wanted to know who organized the lunch. She is like a totalitarian dictator trying to stamp out the rebel uprising. So naturally everyone in the lab hears this. If she didnt anticipate everyone knowing about this it was a huge mistake to do this because know everyone thinks she is a collosal bitch, whereas before she was just a bitch.

I am so thrilled I am not going to be around this negative force much longer. If it werent for the fact that I need to train some of my coworkers tomorrow I would have walked into her office and told her what a bitch she is and left.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

New Chicago Skyscraper Proposed!

I am huge fan of skyscrapers. Im always interested in hearing about the newest tower going up around the world and all the new engineering details that make it possible to build the towers so tall. I think Calatrava has really done it with this tower. Its inspiration came from the native americans that used to light fires by the lake in Chicago. The building represents the smoke rising from a fire. It would be an amazing addition to the Chicago skyline.

This design also highlights the lack of vision that the planners on ground zero have. Daniel Liebskind is always behind his thick rimmed glasses trying to make us feel some kind of artistic vision about his plan but it has never happened for me. On the other side you have those who believe that the site should remain empty out of respect for the dead. I realize and appreciate the controversy, but the plans for ground zero are dull and do not do the site justice as a memorial or for replacing the landmark skyline of Manhattan. With this design out now I wonder if the planners are going have the freedom tower go through another "revision."

The new Fordham tower will rise 2000 feet, including the spire. The cieling height (which is what I consider the true measure of a buildings height) will be 1458 feet. Thats 8 feet taller than the Sears tower's cieling.

Monday, July 25, 2005

I used to kind of like reading Rolling Stone. Occassionally it was a good way to find out about music and some of the articles were quite interesting but now I have lost all respect for it. The most recent issues cover has a photo of Owen Wilson (tool) and Vince Vaughn (tool extrodinare) in promotion of their new movie "Wedding Crashers." Now I'm not a head in the clouds intellectual when it comes to movies, I am a fan of the Naked Gun series and the National Lampoon's movies. The thing that bothers me about this cover is underneath the ginormous lettering of Wilson and Vaughn it says "Not Since Belushi & Aykroyd..." Now why does that have to be there? You know! Its foul and sick. Belushi and Aykroyd had a style their own that they made themselves. Comic pioneers now reduced to a stereotypical mold. To me its really cheap and insulting that in order to sell this movie someone elses original work must be co-opted.

It must be that every starlet and boy wonder that comes into hollywood is handed a mad lib-like application and based on their answers they are either assigned to a personna of yesteryear or handed over to the porn directors. I'd rather take the porn route. At least in porn you are forced to come up with an original name or talent.

It would be funny to see the roles reversed. Put the big name hig maintenance "stars" in low budget porn movies. No publicists, no stylists, and no airbrushing. We would be forced to witness the reality of their imperfections. The fact that Mr. Vaughn's belly might actually be a distraction whilst he attempts to make his costar climax. Mr. Wilson's broken nose might not be the most attactive sight when his costar looks down to see where that irritating feeling is coming from. I can only imagine their horror when they see themselves in the raw at the screening,"Why is my skin so splotchy? I'm Fat? No one told me my nose makes me look like a dinosaur."

P.S. If you get a close look at the cover, Vaughn's hand that is draped over Wilson (far left), looks like the hand of a three day olde corpse.
The states I've visited. 45% of the country.

create your own personalized map of the USA

Parts of the world I've visited. 5% of the globe.

create your own visited country map

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Potter mania could negatively affect kids: psychiatrists - Deccan Herald - Internet Edition

"Fanatic involvement in larger than life characters can affect their cognitive profile, as they do not differentiate the line between fantasy and reality," he says.

Yes you're absolutely right. This concept of fanatic involvement in larger than life characters is something totally new to the world and it will be our destruction. The ancient Greeks and Romans had their myths, we have Harry Potter...we're all doomed.
I thought for today's blog entry I would highlight some of the inscriptions that people wrote in my high school yearbook. Im going to include some commentary on each inscription but I will not reveal names. Some background on my high school first: Chaparral High School Scottsdale, AZ. Its in a very affluent part of the Phoenix area. Everyone had a car. Many of the mothers of the students didnt look like moms, more like VIP cocktail waitresses. Was featured in a Newsweek article as being the hub of a cocaine ring in the southwest. GO FIREBRIDS!!

Freshman Year May 1995:

Tu est tres froid. I really can't thinkg of anything intelligent to write so I'll write something generic. Nah, thats boring. I'll write something intelligent. Crows come and go, but purple figs will always be! Call me! I'm in the directory.

Commentary: Wow this girl was a total schitzo. I wound up going to college with her and she turned into one of those freaky single white female lesbians. One of my friends wound up writing a play about her sophmore year entitled "Erotica."

I guess you're pretty cool most of the time. I hope we all get A's and do well tonight at the concert. I really enjoyed singing Les Miserables with you. I'll see you tonight.

Commentary: For some reason my freshman year all these weird people I never cared about signed my yearbook. Its funny you have to imagine how this girl spoke to appreciate this inscription. Everytime she would talk to you it was all monotone and depressing. she was one of those really tall awkward girls with very thick glasses that played a stringed instrument. I dont know whats more embarassing, this inscription or the fact that I sang Les Mis with this girl. I was so gay!

Hi. Thanks for getting me hooked on Les Mis, letting me play your trumpet, and for overall being a good friend. We will stay good friends, I KNOW this. You have no idea how many ways I love you. Thanks for getting me through the year. I'll see ya later. I love you ( REMEMBER THAT)

Commentary: Those of you that know me personally will know that this is from the girl who broke my will to live. The caps are not embellishments they are for real. Oh yes this person and I dated after my freshman year until my senior year. I cannot believe that she let me be her boyfriend after "getting [her] hooked on Les Mis." Thanks for letting me play your trumpet is totally odd, maybe it was a come on?

Hey buddy. Guess what, guess what, guess what? I majorly love Danny Beaver. Oh, and Andy! Look on page 71 to see the hottest, cutest, nicest, horniest, sexiest, sweetest, loverest, horniest, sexiest, sweetiest, loverest, minest, oh my, everything you are. Yes I do still love Andy and I definately havent forgot about him. My buggers (snot in the nose) I will miss your smiling face next year. Right now turn to page 71 and stare, please dont drull (sp) on Danny. I "Heart" Danny. I "Heart" U! I "Heart" Andy

Commentary: Wow this one is totally screwed. I remember when she took my yearbook from me and started writing. After she wrote this she told me to look at this guy on page 71, a senior, who she thought was hot. He's just ok. What a scatter-brained inscription. It has nothing to do with me or her therefore it's my favorite from freshman year. This girl was a big bimbo and slut, her beaver was cravin some Beaver.

Yeah well thats some of the inscriptions from my freshman year. Note how they are all from girls because I had mostly girlfirends because I was mostly gay then and now im totally gay. Sophmore year to come soon!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Those of you who know me personally know that I love food. My friend Kate and I, another lover of food, used to have culinary discussions that would drive our friend Heather up the wall. On one incident our discussion infuriated Heather so much she said, "If you two don't stop talking about food, I'm going to smash your faces in." Therefore, from time to time, I will be posting my reviews of restaurants here in the Dallas area.

East Wind
Vietnamese Restaurant

I am a big fan of vietnamese quisine. I love the uses of cilantro, lime, and rice noodles. East Wind has a reputation in Dallas for being one of the best places in the city to sample Vietnamese cuisine. I was disappointed. I ordered the spring rolls to start. The presentation was good but upon biting into the roll I found it lacked substance compared to other restaurants where you get a more substantial roll for a much lower price. Typically, Vietnamese spring rolls are filled with two to three pieces of shrimp, lettuce, fried and fried rice noodles all wrapped in a translucent rice paper. East Wind's attempt was decent but was heavy on the lettuce and there was only one piece of shrimp by my count. The peanut dipping sauce was well done but the dollop of chili paste was a bit overpowering.

For the main course I had seared lemmongrass beef with rice vermicelli. The dish is a generous portion of tender beef, rice vermicelli, bean sprouts, and other vegetables. The server offers to mix in the dressing and toss your dish which I highly reccommend. The dressing was light but flavorful. Overall the main dish was satisfying without being too heavy but didnt stick out as anything memorable. My partner ordered a seafood dish with scallops and shrimp. The sauce was excellent and the vegetables were cooked but not overdone. The dish only contained two scallops, hardly enough for the price of the plate. Our meal was followed by a traditional Vietnamese iced coffee which is hard to do wrong.

Although East Wind has a reputation as being a fine Vietnamese restaurant I find it to be overpriced and unremarkable. The fare is standard and the menu doest really have any superstar dishes that stand out and say "Eat Me!" For the money East Wind is not worth the trip. One is better off to venture into any one of the numerous, smaller Vietnamese establishments that Dallas has to offer.
The Enigmatic Turk

There is a summer student in my lab. I guess you could call him an intern. He's from Turkey and he is an Enigma.

When I had learned that there was going to be a summer student from Turkey I was slightly excited. So far the Turks that I have met have been misogynist smoldering bags of testosterone. In other words, hot. This Turk couldnt be further from that description.

He is tall with a bit of a pot belly and the biggest girly man I have ever met. He puts some of Americas queeniest fags to shame. The little chinese woman that works in the lab commented as soon as she met him in her chinese accent, "He is a girl, he is not a man. He is a girl." His voice is lispy and instead of a deep sexy Turkish accent it is German. Imagine if you will Dieter from Sprokets on SNL. His primary obsessions are Chanel and Britney Spears and he labels everything that he uses in the lab with the Chanel logo (the forwads and backwards C). On top of all of this he reeks of Chanel purfume. After giving him a ride home one day after work my car smelled of a republican trophy wife.

I was fortunate enough to witness a talent of his as he began reciting the 2000 awards with alacrity and a perfect American accent. "I have all the shows from the past four years taped. I like to watch them every night and I have them memorized," he explained to me.

For all his girliness and attention to his person he still seems to have not been educated on body odor management. This is what actually prompted me to write about him. One day I was helping him with something and I was unfortunate enough to experience an unexplicable odor coming from his body. The only way I can describe it is sweaty body odor with stale Chanel perfume. I dont know why a strong odor prompted me to share this young man's existence but it did.

Although he is annoying and childish at times I cannot help but be fascinated by his existence. The little chinese woman told him one day, "You know you are like a girl." He replied to her, "I know I am. But you see my parents only had one child so I must be both a girl and a boy for them so they dont feel unfulfilled." This is the kind of fanciful explanations that one must come up with when they are raised in cultures that have not yet reconciled homosexuality as real. Alas he will be, in my mind at least, one I will never forget. My enigmatic Turk.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

First, Im deeply disturbed about the attacks in London. I was really upset when it happened two weeks ago so when I got in my car this morning and turned on NPR I was shocked. Im glad that it wasnt as serious as the previous attacks. I hope everyone's family and friends are ok.

Not much to talk bout today, nothing interesting happened to me. I just love that picture that Fausto took of Victoria Lamar in the hospital. She's a big fan of Terri Schiavo and whilst she suffers from spinal meningitis she is able to keep her spirits up.

The last few days of my job as the handmaiden of the bitch from brazil have been taxing on me. I havent seen much of my boss of late but I can feel her aura while she broods in her office. Its really amazing though what you learn about a place when everyone knows you are leaving. The other day two other people that work in my department, that I have spoken to no more than two times in the almost two years I've been working there, confided in me about all the shit slinging that goes on in the department. It seems everyone is miserable but what can you expect when you work at a state institution. Note my use of the word institution.....

Are you there GOD? It's me, Terri.

There isnt much that needs to be said. This is just hilarious.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

"BOO!! Its me Karl Rove!! HEHEHEHEHEHE. Now some of y'all might know me as the swindling pasty porky man that established facism in Texas by accusing all the Democrats of being butt pirates and firey drunken motorcycle-driving over the hill pussy lappers. Or some you might have seen my work as the man that co-opted the presidency of the United States of America by convincing a young drunk fellow that Jesus told me he had to be president. But NOW, for my most dastardly deed ever, I shall steal this Krispy Kreme truck and take all the doughnuts FOR ME!!! MMWWHAHAHAHAHAHA."
I had to ride the bus home today and I had forgotten what an experience that is in Dallas. I spent some of my childhood in New York and I have since been back to visit many times and I use the public transportation there and it is nothing compared to what one experiences in Dallas. It seems that there is a real issue with the air purification system and general sanitation on the busses. Today I boarded the bus and immediately I was bombarded with the odor of an old tire that had been fried in McDonalds french fry oil. I grabbed a rail as I made my way downt he aisle as the bus was starting off and my hand was met with a thin film of grease that was probably a medium for many an individual's external flora. To top it all off its a gagillion degrees with 50% humidity so when the bus fills up from riders at the county hospital it becomes a truly organic experience. I wonder if one can extract the essence of an urban area from the odors that permeate from its public transport mediums? I shall observe.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I was reading one of my oldest blog entries and its really amusing because its a post about how much I love not having TV. Now I cannot imagine my life without it. Mostly though, lately, I have been watching a lot of reality television. I used to be the biggest opponent of reality TV and now I have become addicted. Among my favorites are Kept, Big Brother 6, Stripsearch, Hogan Knows Best, The Surreal Life, and Celebrity Fit Club 2. Its gotten to the point where if I dont see the weekly episode of each of these I feel as if my life is incomplete.

What is really shocking is that I have become this person that feeds off the negative energy of others. My nourishment is now seeing a man with an acceptable body being told that he looks like a fatass in a thong; or seeing one of my childhood crushes, Willie Ames (Buddy from Charles in Charge), flounce around like a hippopotamous in a boxing ring. I like to wash it all down with Bronson Pinchot (yes, Balky) being amasculated by Omorasa whilst she lusts over Jose Canseco's muscular ass.
Martha Stewart's Next Big Project: Justifying Her Investors' Expectations - New York Times

Martha, you are a goddess!! I cannot wait to see this hardened domestic bitch slap around cocky arrogant MBAs.

Monday, July 18, 2005

So this is a picture of a family that I met in New York in May 2005. They were in SoHo doing some shopping and they looked rather unique so I stopped to talk to them. They are from a town in the center of the country. They like to watch the Wheel of Fortune and play marbles. The man in the picture works at the nearby post-it factory in their town mixing giant vats of glue. "Recently, I was promoted to quality control manager. So I have to sample the glue from each of the 4-story mixing cylinders. Because the glue is so viscous I have to squeeze it out of giant 'utters' at the tapered end of each cylinder. I then examine it for color and consistency."

His wife, the woman, stays at home to school their children. She said to me, "It can be boring staying at home all day with the kids. But sometimes, to let loose, I like to take cookie dough in a tube and roll it out into long thick tubes, freeze them, then suck on them while the kids aren't watching ."

Later that day the family had plans to see a back to back special production of the Lion King and Beauty and The Beast preformed on Ground Zero.
Today I resigned from my job. I'll be starting a new on on Augsut 15th. Something more to my calling. Im excited that I'll have two weeks off inbetween to have some vacation and erase the last year and a half of misery this past job has provided me with.

A comment: I agree with Ragan Fox on his latest podcast. Although some might see what he does as crass or over the top, you must realize that to point out the absurdities of life one must be...absurd. Look at the plays of Moliere and how he addressed the issues of his time by producing plays that were utterly ridiculous. He wasnt doing to be funny or crass but instead to illustrate his points. Plus its fun to freak out conservatives because you know they think of all that pervy shit themselves and when its actually said it makes them so hot they get embarassed.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Rick Santorum you are hot! I know you are gay too. Eventhough you speak of making sure that every gay person is this country is exterminated I know that you love homosex. You are so hot, keep telling me that Im going to hell you're only going to make me hotter. Oh Ricky!!!

This album is awesome. Check it out. Its an animated band, fucking brilliant!!
Press Briefing by Scott McClellan

Everyone should read this and watch it. It is so obvious how there is an effort to cover the Rove scandal up. They think that if they try and get people to not talk about it that it will just go away. Dont stop talking everyone. Email your reps and your senators and tell them that Rove must be brought to justice. He has committed treason against all of us!
I just sent this email to Howard Dean. Im outraged at this shit.

Dear Mr. Dean.

Have you seen this Can you please pleas please put a muzzle on this bitch and the rest of her Clintonian followers. The populism of this Clintonites is RUINING the demoncratic party. Their playing to the "center" (i.e. pandering to conservatives) is why americans see no difference between republicans and democrats. We need to take a stand against the conservative platform and not waste our time making sure that there isnt CGI sex is video games. WE SHOULD BE FRYING ROVE NOT VIDEO GAME DESIGNERS!!! Hillary needs to put her inflated ego on the backburner right now and play with the team FOR ONCE!!!!
Clinton calls for federal game regulation - PlayStation 2 News at GameSpot

Hillary Clinton you suck ass. You are the biggest ass bag ever to walk this planet since your husband!! The Clinton populism must stop. I am so sick of this pandering to stupid conservative plights like sex in video games. What about frying Karl rove? Why isnt she spending her time making sure that he is brought to justice? Why isnt she fighting to make sure that the supreme court isnt stacked with conservatives that will threated everyones civil rights? Instead she is too busy making sure that video games dont have sex in them. Thats exactly the purpose of regulate video games. I hate the pansycrats, every day I am more and more inclined to believe that we're better off with Bush. At least with him you know that he's consistent and you know what he's going to do.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Blah Blah. I got a new job today. Hooray for me. I can break off the shackles of state bureaucracy and enter the realm of PRIVATE research. Its going to be great. I really like my new boss. He has a life outside of work, he restores old motorcycles. So thats it.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I hate to pontificate and all on a topic like this but I am noticing something disturbing about the podcasting on iTunes lately. When iTunes first launced the new version with podcasting capabilities the top podcasts were some of the trailblazer casts like Adam Curry, Dawn and Drew, etc. However, now the top podcasts are commercial shit like Z100 phone taps, CNN News (FUCK ME GENTLY WITH A CHAINSAW), Queer Eye Tips, and the like. Get real have a constant stream of all that shit fucking you all in your eyes and ears from your television, radios, and the internets. Try something new and UNIQUE. Yes UNIQUE. It will do you good to learn that there are funnier things than Z100 tapping phones. There are more insightful news sources other than CNN. There are certainly more witty and entertaining gay podcasts other than the quintet eunuchs dressing everyone in the designer du jour so they can reap the benefits of free clothing. BREAK FREE FROM CORPORATE BULLSHIT THATS WHAT PODCASTING IS ALL ABOUT.

Im off my soapbox.
George Bush and other republican HYPOCRITES, LISTEN THE FUCK UP!! You all said that when you found out who the leaker was that that person would be brought to justice. Now that you know that its one of your own, in fact its your GRAND HIGH WIZARD KARL ROVE, you are pussyfooting around the issue. Have SOME shred of dignity. You better do right!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

fuck this | The I hate my job blogging community

You should all check out this blog. I am a memeber of it and I find it incredibly therapeutic to share my workplace woes on this blog. The stories are great. I'll be adding mine slowly as I have many workplace stories.

I would post them on this blog however I dont want to risk my current employer reading my stories, not that they read this blog but just to be safe.
Dear Mr. President,

Hey W its me Karl. You know that you and I have been friends for years. I helped you secure your throne as the supreme ruler of the united corporations of America but now I think I'm in some pretty deep shit. I just wanted to let you know that I did it all because I've always admired your masculinity. Your broad shoulders and sturdy gait have always made my porky jowels quiver with the anticipation of receiving your oil soaked cock in my mouth. I just want to let you know that now that my career in plutocracy is ruined that I am ready to live my true life as a closeted homosexual, expressing unrequited love for a man that I wish I could have always been if it weren't for my genetic predisposition to being a hippopotamus. I love you W, you had me at howdy, you had me at howdy.