Sunday, July 09, 2006

Krebs Cast #43: Retrospective

Krebs Cast #43

Krebs Cast Page

  • I'm back!

  • Retrospectives of San Francisco, Pride, and the past year in blogging.

  • Endless Love. Thanks to Rey for capturing that moment in history.

  • Voicemails

    I'm back in retarded form and its good to be back to podcasting! Thanks again to VJ for the podcast artwork.


    Blogger Michael said...

    Oish another podcaster that I didn't know about. I have a feeling that once I actually get an Ipod, there's going to be hours of listening for me to get through on podcasts alone! :)

    How's everything in Texas lately? (I heard it rained on July 4th in Austin!)

    2:30 AM  
    Blogger Daniel, the Guy in the Desert said...

    Are we now to "the Greatest Hits of Adam"? When can we expect the Victory Tour? When will we see you decked out like Cher?
    I'm just now getting a digital camera, so an IPod is too much change all at once. I might go into a "Nervous Decline", like an aging "Southern Bulle".

    10:24 PM  
    Blogger Adam said...

    Y'all know you don't need iPods to listen podcasts right?

    10:29 PM  
    Blogger BRETTCAJUN said...

    I just listened to your podcast as I was getting ready for work this morning. I am glad you are here to stay in the blogworld. You reasons for blogging come from the heart. I really enjoyed your podcast Adam. I felt the same "feeling" when I was in SF in April. I can't wait to meet bloggers again someday soon.

    8:13 AM  
    Blogger Richard said...

    Adam ... it was great chatting with you and thank you for the shout-out on your podcast. As I straddle my former "straight" life and my true gay persona, it is nice to come in contact with people that are genuine and caring. I hope to continue chatting with you and eventually see you again.

    Maybe we can hide in John Water's bushes together!

    11:07 AM  
    Blogger Jason said...

    I listened to The Krebs Cast #43 on my commute into work this morning.

    Congratulations on your anniversary and the passionate content you always contribute to the pod casting airwaves!!

    I was jonesin' bad for a new cast during your hiatus ;)

    11:11 AM  
    Blogger Rey a.k.a. "Mr. Secret" said...

    I never made the distinction between Patriotism and being proud of your country... and it totally makes sense.

    And congrats on your anniversary too... I forgot that mine turned one years old last week. Oops.

    11:34 AM  
    Blogger Bruce said...

    I actually sent this to another podcaster...Mikey Pod on the Bayou because he asked what we that "Freedom" was to us and I think it fits here too, but I could be's what I wrote to him....

    FREEDOM you ask? Even though I can't stand George Bush or the things he stands for or the way he goes about things. Freedom to me is America. If you look at other countries we are still the most free people in the world (even if some of our rights are being taken away from us). We don't have the government telling us how many children we can have and that we have them taken away if we have more than the quota (China), we have freedom of religion or no religion (unlike the Middle East), women don't have to be covered from head to toe (again middle east), we don't have a government that people fear (North Korea)...and we still have GAY BARS! So to me Freedom is America. Freedom is also waking up to my wonderful husband every day in a house that we share and made a home for ourselves. Freedom to me still equals America. WE can hate the president, but again that's freedom because hating your leader IS death in other countries. Freedom gives us the right to disagree and to show our side.

    Freedom = America (for now) let it ring.

    But that's just little ol' me...take me or leave me :)

    1:50 PM  
    Blogger Bruce said...

    Oh and congrats on your anniversary in blogging. :) I have a long way to go for me...but I do love your blog!

    1:51 PM  
    Blogger Kalvin said...

    Congrats on your Blogoversary! This was a sweet episode, and I hope that all is well. It was nice to hear about your distinctions between patriotism and love of country. I wonder what Cox thinks? Or has he already sent you an invitation to move to France.

    8:40 PM  
    Blogger DanNation said...

    A wonderful podcast, and thanks for the shoutout on the AIDS Walk!

    11:27 PM  
    Anonymous The Gay Expat said...

    I was the first to comment? What a privilege! Yay for the age of communication!

    I just posted the first video on the new site, which is still in beta but developing fast!


    The artist formerly known as Mizez Slocombe

    6:01 AM  

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